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Dear concerned friend,

The sad facts and statistics on childhood cancer in our country are astonishing:  more children die from cancer than any other disease, and even all childhood diseases combined. Prevention clearly needs to be discussed.

We can no longer afford to pretend that the choices we make in creating environments for our children don’t matter. They do. The choices we make and how we provide for them matter very much. Preventing cancer through avoiding common chemical substances linked to cancer is just an obvious and logical way to approach prevention of cancer for ourselves and our most vulnerable population: our children.

When I was a new mother, I could not find a single bassinet that did not contain formaldehyde – a class one carcinogen. That was in 2008. On top of that I realized that most of the baby products were heavily toxic, and laden with endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA and other plasticizers ( which can lead to cancers and infertility), formaldehyde, poly vinyl chloride, and phalytes, flame retardants linked to leukemia, and numerous other dangerous substances.

There are many, many things to think about when attempting to limit exposure to dangerous chemicals in our lives and our world. So much so that people often will say that the subject completely overwhelms them.

This is understandable, because if one stops and thinks about our present levels of contamination and the facts of what we have done to our planet, and also about the challenge of avoiding toxins and reversing the trend, the situation can appear insurmountable.  The question becomes how do we live toxin-free in a toxic world?  How do we spare our children serious exposure to a multitude of suspected and known carcinogens that are in so many products that the majority of our lives are spent in proximity to these chemicals? How do we learn from our collective mistakes and take action on new decisions based on principles that will bring healing to our children, and ultimately help heal our planet?

I believe that the way that we do this is by reversing the consumer trends that created the demand for chemically processed, environmentally damaging consumer goods. The power of market economics and an educated consumer base can help us reverse the damage.

Many products on the market today are unethically manufactured, and cheaply made. From cell-phones to water bottles to sunscreen to cars. You name, it probably is loaded with chemicals or deposited chemicals into our earth, air or water somewhere in its manufacturing process. Neither good for people nor the planet, but these products are easier to profit from.

The chemical industry is one of the most profitable worldwide, and also one of the most dominating forces in Washington, DC. The current model in the business world and sadly at some business schools is that profit trumps all, and that pollution of the earth and poisoning of the masses is a normal part of higher profitability and of being a competitive business. We consider this instead to be despicable, and somewhat criminal behavior. For truly, it is a crime upon humanity, that these acts of greed have degraded our earth and our bodies, causing harm to so many. Profits can still be made and shareholder interests satisfied while remaining responsible for creating products with minimal to zero toxicity and minimal environmental adverse effects such as pollution.

This may all sound too heavy for you. However, there is a glimmer of hope! After seeing so many companies vie for the green consumer by falsely labeling things “green” when they clearly did not have a clue about what this really means – or worse, make these claims knowing they are deceptive, the conclusion can be made that obviously this is a consumer class worth catering to. Worth creating new brands for, and fashioning new marketing campaigns to advertise to this new set of consumer’s passions and values. As so called “green-washing” takes it shape in the Fortune 500, we at ChildEco seek to educate the consumer, and companies as to what really constitutes a “green” or non- toxic product.

Our goal is to provide product information and be a go -to site for you to know that everything we recommend is the safest we can find in that category of product We are here  to share with you safe products to meet the most common household needs in one place – ChildEco. We aim to grow the green market, and create more consumer demand for ethically and sustainably produced, and toxin free products.

With Cancer one of the leading causes of death of children, we really have to wake up and start doing a better job protecting our children and demanding better products, which in turn will help our planet be less toxic as well.

Our site is arranged so that there are lists of products for you to browse, based on the age range of your child, with additional product categories for household goods as well. We have done our best to span a range of price ranges, and also to verify with companies what their practices are, and

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